Operating Policy

  • The Art Institute of Seattle receives no fee for design work. All fees are waived for licensed non-profit organizations with the exception of materials and supply costs.

  • It is recommended that projects be scheduled for completion before the students graduate. If a project schedule is extended to beyond graduation, then the student involved, as a graduate, has the right to renegotiate terms of payment with the client.

  • Consultation with students takes place at AIS unless otherwise agreed to by the advisor.

  • The cost of materials and supplies will be estimated during project planning. The client will cover this cost at the outset of the production stage.

  • Arrangements for printing services will be made by the client. Collecting printers' estimates and planning the printing schedule is the clientテ不 responsibility, however, students may volunteer to assist in this process.

  • Preferred delivery format of all the text for a project is in the form of a Word file sent to Novored via email: studentstudio@yahoo.com

  • Please deliver all copy for a project no later than 2 weeks before the printing deadline. For projects with multiple pages and large amounts of text, the deadline is 3 weeks in advance of press time.

  • Original artwork is the property of the designer and must be returned when the project is completed. A minimum of 10 printed samples will be retained by NovoRed.

  • When possible, printed materials should include a statement giving credit to the student for design, photography, etc. and to the Art Institute of Seattle.

NovoRed Advisor

Doug Heinlein